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Religious Candles Symbology

From the early days of the Church symbols were ways of communicating with people of the same beliefs without fear of persecution, and many of our religious candles reflect this early symbology. Examples include--The fish symbol, representing Christ, the anchor for hope and palm for victory. These were sufficiently familiar as emblems among pagans to excite no particular attention yet allowed Christians to more easily recognize one another. Revelations 1:8 uses Alpha and Omega meaning that Jesus is the beginning and the end. Then there is the Latin Cross with its distinct 12 squares-two on top, five on the bottom and five across. The Eastern Cross consists of a vertical, two horizontal arms and a third arm placed in a slanting position. The slanting arm represents the Eastern Orthodox belief that Jesus was crucified with his feet side by side and not placed on top of one another.
  • The lamb is the paschal victim and the dove descending with the flame of fire represents the Holy Ghost.
  • The variety of liturgical colors in the Church arose from the mystical meaning attached to them:
  • White - symbol of light, typifies innocence and purity, joy and glory
  • Red - language of fire and blood, indicates burning charity and the martyrs' generous sacrifice
  • Green - hue of plants and trees, bespeaks the hope of life eternal
  • Violet - gloomy cast of the mortified, denotes affliction and melancholy
  • Gold - represents victory and eternal life
  • Blue - represents faith and trust
  • Black - universal emblem of mourning signifies the sorrow of death and the somberness of the tomb.
  • The Lords Epiphany is often denoted by the five-pointed star... "Then shall a star come out of Jacob" (Numbers 24, 17; Revelations 22, 16)
  • Eternity is often denoted by the circle
  • The Holy Trinity has been symbolized by the Fleur-de-Lys
  • The Bee is symbolic of the Resurrection and of the immortality of the soul. We see the Easter Lily at Easter when we celebrate the Resurrection
As you take a look at the religious candles throughout our site, notice the symbology present, and their meanings as defined above. Religious candles are a fantastic way to learn more about and appreciate the history of the church.
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